George Lai
Founder & Managing Director

George is a graduate of Wharton (MBA '91), where he spent his last semester as an exchange student at the Stockholm School of Economics. George has focused his career on working with startups in the global high-technology industry. He is also a graduate of the 1998 (XXIVth) Venture Capital Insitute, the official training organization for the American venture capital industry. At VCI, he was priviledged to be one of 240 venture capitalists from all over the world who were admitted to this exclusive industry insider's event. In addition, his background and working experience includes:

  • Antfactory     (Stockholm, Sweden)
    As the first Venture Partner hired for Antfactory's Scandinavian headquarters, George was responsible for early-stage investments in the IT/Wireless and MEP (Media, Entertaiment & Publishing) sectors. Antfactory is a London-based global strategic investment firm with over $550 million of available capital and an unparalleled international network spanning 14 offices worldwide. 

  • Cell Ventures     (Stockholm, Sweden)
    As an original Venture Partner and an Internet Strategy Consultant, George's responsibilities included screening of new E-commerce proposals, venture capital due diligence analyses, and equity investment valuations & recommendations in the Internet/software arena. He worked entirely in Swedish during his time at Cell and was priviledged to be the only American in this prominent and innovative Swedish Internet startup/incubator.

  • Mercury Interactive     (Silicon Valley, California)
    As the first MBA and Director of Strategic Partnerships hired for the U.S. headquarters office of this Hambrecht & Quist venture-backed Israeli software startup, George negotiated strategic agreements with key corporate partners. Mercury Interactive went public on NASDAQ in 1993, four years after being founded and is today the world market leader in GUI, client/server, and Web-based automated software testing tools, with over 1200 employees and a market cap of over $4 billion.

  • Synectics Sleep AB     (Stockholm, Sweden)
    As Strategic Business Development Manager for this cutting-edge leader in sleep apnea diagnostic software, George was responsible for international sales & marketing partnerships in 26 countries, including most of the major European market countries. He visited 22 countries on business during his 3-year tenure at Synectics and launched the software product line in Eastern Europe and South America. The parent company Synectics Medical, a Swedish information technology startup, went public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1994 and was acquired by the Medtronic Ventures Group in 1996.

  • Sun Microsystems     (Silicon Valley, California)
    As Director, Strategic Partner Development and a key early management team member of a venture capital-backed software startup which was acquired by SunSelect, a cutting-edge division of Sun Microsystems, he was responsible for international strategic negotiations with key partners such as GO, EO, IBM, NEC, NCR, Canon, Fujitsu, and Samsung. The variety of venture-backed startups in the controversial handwriting recognition pen tablet field yielded extremely valuable lessons in determining why certain startups succeed or fail.

  • Ericsson-Hewlett Packard Telecommunications      (Stockholm, Sweden)
    As International Business Development Manager for this telecommunications startup joint-venture between Ericsson and Hewlett Packard, George was responsible for telecom software sales, strategic negotiations, and partner relations in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Russia.

  • Texas Instruments      (Dallas, Texas)
    As a Software Design Engineer for the Advanced Projects Division, George held a U.S. top-secret security clearance and designed custom software programs for classified military customers.

  • Schlumberger     (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska)
    As a Senior Field Engineer for this $6 billion global leader in electronic wireline logging services, George was stationed in the North Slope of Alaska, where he performed electronic wireline logging and provided mission-critical information technology solutions to client companies under "extremely hostile" environmental conditions.

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